Waste management

Vessels calling at a Finnish port must according to the Act on Environmental Protection in Maritime Transport (1672/2009) submit an advance notification of ship-generated waste and cargo residues to the PortNet information system. The notification must be submitted no later than 24 hours before arrival or, if the voyage takes less than 24 hours, on departure from the previous port. However, vessels granted an exemption by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency from the mandatory delivery of ship-generated waste are not required to send above mentioned advanced notification unless they wish to deliver wastes at the port. 

A net tonnage based no-special-fee is charged for following waste categories:  

1) Oily waste; 

2) Garbage, excluding cargo residue(s); and 

3) Sewage. 

The net tonnage based no-special-fee is collected from every ship, regardless of whether or not the ship delivers any waste in the port. Above mentioned net tonnage based fee is not charged from ships exempted by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. If ships granted an exemption from the Finnish Transport Agency wish to deliver wastes they are charged with the real cost plus an additional 20% general rate. 


Domestic waste sorting: