In the Port of Hanko safety comes first. With the safety regulations we strive to guarantee the safety for all those who operate in the harbour. Beside the safety regulations we also see that the preconditions for a smooth operation are in place.


The speed limit in the harbour area is 30km/h.

Parking is allowed only in P-marked areas or parking lots. General traffic rules and signs are complied with in the harbour area. Violation of these or other regulations result in a warning and may also result in the passer permit being temporarily or permanently revoked.

Beware of level crossings and avoid moving about on foot. Moving from one part of the harbour to another should primarily be done by using the official roads. Avoid moving about on the quay areas. The quayside is meant only for activities connected with the vessel or work done by the stevedore companies. All other traffic is prohibited in the areas mentioned above.

Recordable camera surveillance is used in the harbour area and regular patrols are made in the area.


Minimize damages – use protective gear!

When moving on pedestrian and bicycle routes and when working in car parks, wear CE-marked high-visibility clothing (EN ISO 20471). An example is seamen who follow a marked pedestrian and bicycle lane between the vessel and the nearest passenger gate and those working in moving and inspecting cars.
If you travel outside pedestrian and bicycle routes, wear safety footwear (EN ISO 20345) and a helmet (EN 397). An example is heavy goods vehicle drivers and contractors working in the area. Always follow the more detailed regulations on using personal protective equipment by your employer and the company that issued the access pass (Government Decree 633/2004).


Photographing within the harbour area is only allowed with permission of the Port Authority.


to the Traffic department (24/7) tel: +358 10 2355 013


to the Traffic department (24/7) tel: +358 10 2355 013


Make an emergency call if you are in acute need of help from the authorities, or when you know or suspect that the life, health, property or environment is threatened or in danger.


  1. Make an emergency call (112)
  • What has happened
  • Where has it happened:

in the Port of Hanko Ltd’s:

-Western harbour, or

-Outer harbour, or

-Koverhar harbour

  • Answer their questions
  • Act according to given instructions
  • Don’t end the call before given permission
  • Report the incident to the main gate (24/7) tel: +358 10 2355 014