Flight restrictions

Drones and Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (UAS/RPAS/Drone) 

When flying a remotely controlled aircraft in the port area, safety must be taken into account and the interests of the port’s customers and businesses operating in the port must be considered. The port does not grant permission for flying alone in the port area, but flying must be related to filming or a pre-agreed work task. When applying for permission to fly a remotely controlled aircraft, the following information must be attached to the application: 

  • Flight and filming plan (information on where it is planned to fly and what objects are to be filmed, script or other plan for filming) 
  • Location of the pilot and takeoff/landing site The pilot and the port’s responsible person must check the flight route, the location of the pilot, and the location from which takeoffs and landings take place and mark the area if necessary.  

The operator must comply with the regulations on flying a remotely controlled aircraft during the flight. Flying must be done so that the flight takes place in direct line of sight. When flying, it should be noted that there are many high obstacles in the port that can endanger GPS connectivity and visibility. The pilot must always have the ability and skills to control the aircraft back to the takeoff location manually.  

Permission to fly a remotely controlled aircraft is granted only to a party with valid liability insurance explicitly issued for this purpose, covering all personnel participating in the filming. The liability insurance must cover damage caused to third parties. The pilot is responsible for any damage caused by filming. Proof of liability insurance must be submitted as an attachment to the application.  

The operator must also be registered in the UAS/RPAS operators’ register of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. For more information on flying remotely controlled aircraft, visit www.trafi.fi


Permit applications by e-mail: [email protected]


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