Underwater work

For all diving and underwater work that is done in the harbour area an Underwater Work Permit must be applied for from Port of Hanko minimum 24h before starting the work. The application can be done by filling in the form below.

Following conditions needs to be met:

– communication during the work must be agreed upon with Hanko VTS and Port of Hanko
– applicant must be in contact with Hanko VTS and the port before starting the work and when the work is finished
– in addition to the application below, a Safety Plan in accordance with Government Decree 1088/2011 3§ is sent by e-mail to [email protected].

The Safety Plan must include a full risk assessment for the site and the specific underwater work and also include following information:
1. Any special requirements due to the specific work conditions
2. Qualifications required for the specific work
3. Composition of the safely sized diving team
4. List of diving equipment and other tools in use
5. Procedures for summoning assistance in an emergency
6. Information about anything else that could affect the safety of the workers involved

Hanko VTS: VHF ch 67, tel: 020 448 5388, e-mail: [email protected]

Person responsible for permits at the Port of Hanko: Timo Sjösten, tel: 010 2355 010,
e-mail: [email protected]

Underwater Work Permits can be issued by:

Timo Sjösten
Björn Peltonen
Christer Lundqvist
Susanne “Lotta” Kojo


Underwater work permit

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