Information for drivers


 You can speed up and make your visit more effective by beforehand going through the check list below.

  • Check the discharging or loading place of your cargo in the port of destination: section of the port, terminal or container depot, and who is the consignee or shipper of the cargo.
  • If you have to drive through the town to get to the port, check beforehand if there is a recommended route to the port.
  • Make sure that your passer permit is valid.
  • Make sure that all needed notifications have been made and that you have all documents with you.
  • Make sure that the cargo you intend to pick up from the port is ready for release.
  • Make sure that all deliveries (cargo, supplies to the port or to vessels and so forth) to the port have a consignee in the port or on one of the vessels in the port.
  • Check that the seal of the container you are picking up is unbroken.
  • When transporting dangerous goods to or from the port, check the general and the port’s own regulations.
  • Make sure that you carry the security and safety clothes demanded by the port.
  • Check that customs and other needed services are open, if you should need their services during your visit in the port.
  • Make sure that the register plates of the truck and trailer are clean for identification of the vehicle at the gate.

Instructions on Heavy Goods Vehicle Traffic for Foreign Drivers Entering Finnish Port Areas

Map of the official roads in the Western harbour

The harbour area can at times become very busy with traffic. Thus, vehicle traffic is a significant safety risk for anyone operating in the harbour area. It is,
therefore, very important that all vehicles driving in the harbour area keep to the official roads and observe the traffic regulations and the 30‐km/hour
speed limit. The official roads in the harbour area have been marked with white in the attached map.

По территории порта одновременно перемещается большое количество людей, и периодически движение бывает весьма интенсивным. А это
значит, что дорожное движение на данной территории представляет собой риск для безопасности всех его участников. Поэтому крайне важно,
чтобы перемещение транспортных средств осуществлялось строго в пределах официальных проездов, с соблюдением правил дорожного
движения и без превышения установленного скоростного режима (30 км/ч). На прилагаемой карте официальные проезды на территории порта
отмечены белом цветом

More detailed instructions for cargo deliveries at stevedoring companies’ websites.
Euroports Hanko – Instructions for cargo deliveries

Driving-instructions and maps

Driving instructions to the Western Harbour ›

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Access Permits

All those in the Port of Hanko area must carry a valid personal Access Permit. you can apply for a permit directly from our website here.

Harbourservices for the drivers

  • Showers at the main gate building
  • Coffee available and the possibility to use a mini-kitchen