Eckerö Line’s popular cruises to Hanko will continue next summer

Eckerö Line’s cruises to Hanko, which gained great popularity in the summer of 2021, will continue next summer. Eckerö Line’s M/s Finlandia cruises from Helsinki to this iconic city on two Saturdays, 11 June and 27 August 2022.
Explore summerly Hanko on your own or with a guide

The cruise passengers will have some three hours to explore the city of Hanko either on their own, via a guided bus tour or through a guided walking tour. On the bus tour, one can admire the sea and its long sandy beaches, and at the same time learn about Hanko’s history, spa era, historic villas, and the city’s prominent figures. The guided walking tour focuses on Hanko’s famous villas and explores the architects behind them, as well as their historical residents. Passengers can also spend the afternoon on the ship if they so wish.

“We are happy to welcome Eckerö Line’s M/s Finlandia to Hanko also this summer. We hope that Finns will embrace this new way of visiting Hanko, and that Eckerö Line’s summer cruises will become an established tradition for years to come,” says Anders Ahlvik, Managing Director of the Port of Hanko.

The Mayor of Hanko, Denis Strandell, is also pleased with the continuation of the cruises. “It’s great that the popular summer cruises to Hanko will continue this summer as well. The city of Hanko warmly welcomes Eckerö Line and its passengers to Hanko to enjoy the summer, the sun and our beautiful city.”

Eckerö Line’s m/s Finlandia departs at 9 am from the West Harbour of Helsinki and arrives in Hanko at 3.30 p.m. The ship stops at Hanko for some three hours before departing back to Helsinki fro arrival at 11.00 p.m. Before Hanko, m/s Finlandia visits Tallinn, where the route passengers leave the ship. No passengers are taken on board from Tallinn and cruisers cannot disembark in Tallinn.

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