Baltic Sea researchers in Tvärminne to cooperate with the Port of Hanko

The Tvärminne Zoological Station will receive support from the Port of Hanko Ltd to gather new research data from Hanko’s marine areas.

The Port of Hanko Ltd is donating to the University of Helsinki’s Future Fund to support Baltic Sea research. With this donation, the University’s research station in Hanko will be able to develop new, automatic measuring instruments to analyse changes in the sea and their underlying processes.

“Thanks to the Port of Hanko’s donation, we will be able to gain new research data which we need to minimise the negative impacts on the area’s sensitive marine and coastal environments,” explains Marko Reinikainen, director of the research station.

The University of Helsinki’s Tvärminne Zoological Station is the oldest research station on the Baltic Sea, and has centuries of research series at its disposal on the marine areas surrounding the old Koverhar industrial zone where the Port of Hanko is developing its operations.

“The research station is next to the area in Koverhar which is being developed by the Port of Hanko. With the work taking place so close to the research station, the research opportunities are pretty unique,” says Marko Reinikainen.

The cooperation is also an example of how the port industry and other marine infrastructure operators can cooperate with researchers to promote sustainable development.

“For us, the cooperation represents an opportunity to learn more about the marine environment in which we operate, as well as about how construction and use of marine environments impact our surroundings. The data can then be used to develop seafaring in the region, in Finnish waters more generally, and, we hope, throughout the Baltic Sea,” says Anders Ahlvik, CEO of the Port of Hanko.

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